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Distinguish Your Honey-

Have you ever wondered what your bees are exactly foraging on? Now you can find out with a pollen analysis done by our certified lab partners. You will receive a bottle to put your honey or any honey in as well as a unique identification label for testing the amount and types of pollen the honey sample contains. 


Order a kit, send us a sample of your honey, and we will sequence the genetic material to reveal the plant species present. Your honey provided is tested for its pollen profile and allows you to market your honey with evidence of its sources, helping distinguish your honey from the competition. 


What's included:

  • The pollens of significance as well as their percentages within the sample
  • All identified pollens and their sources (common and scientific id)
  • Moisture content of the honey
  • Likely country of origin
  • Fungal spores and yeast content


Each kit arrives in approximately 1 week of purchase and contains a sampling bottle for you to place your sample in, and a pre-paid envelope to send your sample back to us. 


All of the samples are performed by a 3rd party labratory designed for honey analysis. Each result takes approximately 2-3 weeks to process once delivered. You will receive a 2 page analysis of the results mailed to you as well as emailed to your contact information provided at checkout. 


Honey Analysis- Pollen Sources/ Moisture Content

Out of Stock
  • Due to the nature of this product, returns will not be allowed. 

  • Currently we are only accepting samples from the United States and Canada. 

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