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Hyper  Hyve


Hyper Hyve Story

We built the Hyper Hyve because we saw there was a fundamental flaw in beehives today. As backyard beekeepers ourselves we thought we could bring our expert knowledge of sustainable home building into the construction of beehives, because the bees where telling us and the industry for years, that the way we keep bees is not how they have evolved to tolerate pests and harsh weather. So we designed a hive that best mimics how nature would help them, and added some very cool monitoring and control devices.

Our founder brought their expert knowledge of home automation, solar energy, and sustainable home building and what we have learned through science and business into the Hyper Hyve™, balancing performance with realistic sustainability. 


Our original hives have been tested in Wisconsin. Which is actually a great place to test our new hives with summer temps that reach +100ºF and winters that can get down to -40ºF. With the challenges of keeping productive bees while surrounded by monocultures, Western Wisconsin is the perfect place to test the bees ability to thrive in the most rad beehive around!

We are planning to build all of our hives near Whitefish, MT right next to our friendly Canadian neighbors. With most companies outsourcing their manufacturing overseas, we plan to build almost everything right here in the United States. 

Wisconsin beehive monitoring
happy bee from insulated beehive

Our Founder

"I never set out to design a new hive, but my curiosity in the science behind the bees and their hives, drove me to discover a better home could greatly benefit the colonies. So I built a couple prototypes and quickly realized,my prototypes outperformed my standard hives almost immediately.


I then wanted the data from each hive and started using my electrical and home automation background to implement sensors. This was the birth of the Hyper Hyve. It is now a patent pending design and I cannot wait to share it with other beekeepers."

-Mike James/ CEO

Beekeeper Mike James Hyper Hyve founder