Hyper Hyve-

The Modern Beehive

The hives are coming soon! We are currently running the tests on a honey beehive like nothing seen before. Our beehives are one of the most advanced modern beehives within the market and the latest invention incorporating todays technology into a better beehive.  

Sign Up for Free BeeKeeping App

Beekeeping App- Signup for Free

Sign up below to receive a LIFETIME OF FREE MONITORING. With our new beekeeper app, our hives will sync with the app recording all data and allowing you to view up to date information on any integrated Hyper Hyve™. 

Our app will also work with any other standard beehives allowing you to keep track of your other hives and track their progress and your tasks. 

Ordering Online- Coming Soon!

We will be offering our beehives for sale online only for the initial launch. They may also be available through a crowd source launch as well. In the initial launch of the product we will have a limited amount of first launch hives which will be part of a "Founder Pack" which will give you a FREE LIFETIME OF MONITORING on your purchased hive. 


All you have to do is sign up below, and we will email you when the hives go live on our website or the crowd funding site and if you purchase one and have filled out the form below, you will receive the FREE MONITORING. If the form is still up, you can join the list now. Hurry space is limited and no strings attached.

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