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Our Superior

Insulated Bee Hive

Our insulated beehives where built from the ground up to provide what the bees have been needing for over 100 years in man-made hives. A hive that better mimics the tree hollow they evolved to survive in with a superior insulation value that increases honey yield and better protects the bees from varroa mites. The beekeeper wins, the bees win with simply a more superior bee hive with patent pending technologies. 

polystyrene insulated bee hive

An Insulated Beehive at its Core

We may have the smartest beehive in the market, but at its core is insulation. We didn't set out to build a beehive with insulation or integrated monitoring, but we certainly identified a problem that was missing a solution in the market. We started with a beehive in our backyard that had polystyrene sandwiched between building materials. 


That prototype branched off into the patent pending beehive we are building now. A beehive system that utilizes what the bees figured out millions of years ago[1], that their best survival chance and ability to thrive is based off where their hives are placed. For millions of years that was in a tree with an average insulation rating[2] of R-6 walls and even higher rating for the roof. 

The Standard Hive

Todays standard beehives come nowhere near what the bees would have chosen for their home in the wild. With an insulation rating that is 8-14X less than a tree cavity. Todays beehives completely miss the mark, with the lack of insulation and the increase in airflow/ ventilation. 

Studies have shown that mites like the cooler drier sections of a beehive and that higher humidity levels within a hive affect the mites ability to reproduce[3].  Standard hives are likely encouraging mite growth with high airflow and poor insulation.

Fundamentally Better

Foam Insulated Beehive

The hive is insulated with continuous foam insulation similar to polystyrene. 

Rugged Shell

Our Patent Pending Hive has a strong exterior shell to withstand many years of beekeeping. 

Gasket Sealed

Our gaskets seal the sections of the hive, saving the bees time on sealing it themselves with propolis. Plus they pry apart much easier. 





Hyper Hive Insulted beehive


Rugged Shell

Gasket Sealed

Honey Yield Increases

Reduced Varroa

40% Better
100% Better
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