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Hyper Hyve™ FAQ's

Insulated Beehives with Monitoring

  • What is HyperHyve™?
    HyperHyve™ is a bee hive designed to accommodate the ways bees have evolved to survive in climate as well as battle pests while using modern technology to make the smartest beehive in the market.
  • When can I purchase a HyperHyve™?
    We are currently still alpha testing the product at our bee lab and hope to add beta testers next Spring. We will be working forwards and backwards through our coding, to make sure it is perfect when we release the product for sale. To stay informed please sign up to keep up to date on those release dates.
  • What features does the hive have?
    We will initially have two hives for sale. A more cost effective hive that will have all the necessary components that make the hive the HyperHyve™, and we will also have the HHPRO™ Hyve which will have all the bells and whistles you would expect in a smart hyve, and then some. The hive will have remote monitoring, as well as remote control functions to make it the super smart hive. We will release more info as soon as those pesky lawyers will let us, so sign up for our email list and we will get you the latest info first.
  • How much will it cost?
    We certainly have a targeted price, but until we finalize all of the components and fully calculate the value it brings to each beekeeper, we cannot release that info. But, we can say this will be one of the least expensive total cost of ownership hives you can buy.
  • What cellular network do the beehives communicate on?
    We will be launching as a Verizon® Wireless D2D provider. We will offer WiFi only options that will allow you to purchase other providers hotspots or similar. Our commercial product will have multiple connectivity options through our multiple hive Hyve Hub™ communication terminal.
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