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Modern Beehive | Smart Beehive

Today technology is being integrated into almost everything, from our toothbrushes to our vehicles and everything in between. Technology is incorporated into our devices to assist us and make our devices "smarter" and with Internet of Things (IoT) becoming one of the fastest growing consumer market trends, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be over 64 billion connected devices worldwide. 

IOT Smart Beehive | Modern Beehive

64B IoT devices worldwide by 2025

What is a Smart Beehive?

Up until now, beehives have not seen much of an upgrade. Beehives have been a simple box full of bees, and if you wanted to incorporate any of today's technology you needed to buy a 3rd party monitoring product and alter your beehive to accept the device(s). This can be cumbersome, difficult, confusing, and can impact the performance of your colonies in negative ways.

A smart beehive is a beehive that has been built into a tool that does more than provide a home for your bee colonies. Our smart beehives are using technology integrated directly into the hive bodies to give you direct feedback and predictive measures of what is and could be going on in your hive, without you needing to do a single inspection. 

Though you cannot replace the beekeeper, you certainly can use technology to help with more accurate information from sensors and artificial intelligence that helps you be a better beekeeper. 

Beekeeping App for Modern Beehive

What Makes a Modern Beehive?

Many things can make up a modern beehive, like hives on a tap, insulated hives, unique design hives, etc. And our take on the modern beehive is one that has the bees health, productivity, and overall sustainability in mind.


Our modern beehive not only is utilizing electronic technologies otherwise known as Internet of Things, our hives are taking advantage of building technologies and what we have learned over the last 25+ years in building science, with advanced insulating and water vapor control.

How is a Modern Beehive Smarter?

We have made the Hyper Hyve™ smarter by integrating sensors, output devices, onboard power generation, communication devices and similar directly into the bees home, and then connected that to your easy access smart devices and computers.

Beehive sensors


Sensors, it starts with inputs. Smart beehives have temperature, humidity, sound, accelerometers, among others. 

smart beehive data collection

Reports and Data

Historical data gathered from all those data points from the interior and exterior of the beehives is gathered over time for data analysis.

beehive machine learning

Machine Learning

The smart beehive system is capable of referencing your data and others anonymously to learn over time on advancing the ability of the hives.

smart beehive RFID tags

Unique Identification

Keeping track of each hive is easily accomplished with unique system identifiers such as QR or RFID tags.

Beehive Security devices


The use of GPS and accelerometors helps keep your assets safe. And all of your personal information and hive data is protected.

Wireless beehive communication

Wireless Communication

All those sensors and outputs need to communicate with the user interfaces, so wireless communication provides realtime data and operation.

Smart Watch Beehive App

Wearable Interactions

Hives can have the ability to relay some of its information to your smart watches. Or you're able to give commands to your beehives. 

Healthly bees

Bees Health

The IoT devices and overall mesh of the system is all designed to help you be a better more efficient beekeeper, and the bees will thank you for it.

All of these systems also integrate into a beekeepers app for easy access and recording of observations made during inspections as well as scheduling events. The system is a completely integrated system, helping you the beekeeper. 

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