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What is the

Hyper Hyve™

The Hyper Hyve™ is the evolution of the beekeepers hive. It is based off of the Langstroth Hive with a few major differences. Unlike most of the hives on the market, our hive more closely mimics the bees natural hive location of a hollowed out tree. This provides several benefits:

  • It keeps hives warmer in the winter

  • Bee colonies go through less winter food stores

  • The hive keeps the bees cooler on hot summer days

  • Helps smooth out temperature transitions

Insulated beehive with wireless monitoring

Insulated Beehive

An insulated beehive makes the colonies much more efficient, allowing the bees to thrive more so than they would in a standard hive. Whether you are in Arizona, Canada, Europe, etc. Your bees will perform better in a Hyper Hyve™ plus you can still use your Langstroth frames in your new, highly advanced Hyve! Be the one of the first to own one. 

Integrated Monitoring

Our patent pending technology, allows us to directly integrate sensors and controllers to help you, the beekeeper, monitor your hives health, trigger events, and keep track of your hives progress. The Hyper Hyve™ HHPRO will allow you to view your hives performance from anywhere you have an internet connection as well as possibly request remote actions such as opening or closing entrances and vents.  

Our integrated monitoring solves many problems "third party" monitoring creates, by eliminating hive modification, inaccuracies in different equipment, cumbersome wires, and powering issues.

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Hyperthermia Treatment

Hyperthermia treatment is not new, however it is now beginning to gain traction in treating bee colonies with Varroa mites. The process is well document and studied throughout the world and there are a few products on the market that have shown great efficacy in treating mites using hyperthermia. 

Treating your colonies with hyperthermia has been shown to have far less negative side effects than chemically treating your hive with synthetics or organic chemicals and acids. The process needs to be done very precisely and with our patent pending technology and insulated hive, we are able to accomplish it at a precise level destroying mites in your hive by 90-100% efficacy with zero chemicals and right in their own hive.

We are still testing the hyperthermia board to make sure it is up to our standards and that it performs through our remote monitoring exactly as we expect it to in all types of climates. 


The Hyper Hyve™ does what no other hive can, it provides the bees a home that mimics what nature intended for them as well as giving you, the beekeeper the information and tracking you need to keep a closer eye on what is going on within the hive right at your finger tips through integrated monitoring. Plus the hive helps treat the bees number one enemy, the Varroa mite, with a chemical free treatment giving you and your customers a cleaner honey product that will yield a higher dollar per lb. The bees win..... you win...... the environment wins.

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