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Insulated Beehive Studies

The study of insulated hives isn't necessarily new, but it regaining new steam with newer building materials and with beekeepers as well as scientists wanting to help solve the colony collapse disorder that is accounting for colony losses of 30-50% each year.

Insulated Beehive Studies

Updated Study List

At Hyper Hyve we have been conducting our own efficacy studies which we will release in the future. We built the beehives with our knowledge of vapor control within building envelops and advanced insulation practices from sustainable home building. There are also a few independent studies done on insulated hives and how they impact survivability, pest control, and colony efficiency. Below are some of those studies.

Insulated Hive and Ventilation Impact Study

Performed by the University of Montana. The study tested different types of hive construction and location of ventilation within each hive and its impact on the bees during winter. 

Insulated beehive study

Within the study:

"Beehive ventilation is always necessary to ensure bees have an acceptable environment. But the placement of this ventilation in the floor of the hive instead of the upper portion of the hive may prove to maintain more optimal humidity and temperature for the colony. This combined with greater insulation like that in polystyrene hive bodies may lower the oxidative stress of the bees and increase survival rates based on the data recorded."

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