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Modern Beekeeping

The term modern beekeeping isn't a phrase to disregard traditional beekeeping, but rather the identification of rolling science, history, and today's technologies into today's beekeeping. 

robot bee modern beekeeping

Science and the expansion in products for beekeeping, has shown that there certainly is a better way to keep bees, that not only make it easier for the beekeeper and better for the bees, but can make beekeeping a more profitable and less expensive hobby or business. 

What is Modern Beekeeping?

Modern beekeeping utilizes the experience of the past and the science of today to provide a practice that allows for a greater success rate using better tools and more knowledge than what is known as traditional beekeeping. 

What we do know that about modern beekeeping -

  1. Insulated Beehives- Bees have survived millions of years within tree hollows, and without the protection of hibernation or otherwise know as diapause. Bees rely on generating heat to survive the cold, which is typically why a tree hollow is chosen as a home. The tree provides enough insulation that greatly helps reduce the amount of energy and resources (honey) needed to keep the hive warm in the winter. To the contrary, the insulation also helps the bees maintain a steady brood rearing temperature in the Summer and greatly increases the hive productivity. Both of these affects of insulated is well documented in studies. 

  2. Technology- We use technology on a regular basis these days to better our lives and increase efficiency. There are several ways technology is helping better beekeeping, with the use of sensors, tracking apps, and smart devices to help manage our hives and keep track of data. This helps increase efficiency through analytic based information and accurate tracking of hive observations. 

  3. Management Styles- The way we manage hives with new technologies requires a little rethinking on our management practices. mainly 

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