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Dr. Kaira Wagoner UBO Essay Research

Dr. Kaira Wagoner has discovered a new, simpler, and more effective way to detect honey bee colonies that express varroa hygienic behavior through the detection of unhealthy brood via odors produced by the brood. This discovery will help the industry with her new business detect and identify much more easily and with higher precision, which colonies may manage diseases and pests like the varroa mite extremely effectively.


Her process involves spraying compounds that have been synthetically processed to mimic the scents injured brood emit when attacked by mites and other pests and diseases. The hygienic colonies then open each cell up by chewing the capping off and within 2 hours you as a beekeeper will have an identifiable score for each colony. Download the UBO Essay Paper Here.

Dr. Kaira Wagoner- UBO Hygenic Bee Essay

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