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Patented Insulated Beehvie with integrated monitoring

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The Hyper Hyve is a Insulated Hive with Integrated Monitoring.

Our insulated modern beehives are built to help tell you what is going on within the hive. With 6+ sensors and machine learning, each hive is like having a master beekeeper in your backyard. Your other beehives have officially been warned, the HyperHyve™ is coming soon!


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BeeHive Monitoring

Modern Beehive

With our patent pending technology, all the monitoring is integrated directly into the beehive, it's almost invisible and works seamlessly with each section of the beehive.

Add-on beehive monitoring can be expensive as well as awkward and cumbersome with add-on devices, wires, powering issues, etc. 

The Hyper Hyve™

Designed from the ground up with our patent pending design to provide the best experience for the beekeeper and the bees. Independent studies[1] have shown the increased health benefits of insulated beehives as well as an increase in honey yields.  

Insulated Beehive

Bees have evolved to survive in trees with an average R-6 insulation rating. We simply mimic those conditions and the bees thank us by being healthier and happier. Happy bees make for happy beekeepers.  

Beehive Monitoring

The future is here and we injected the future into our modern beehives. Remotely monitor your hive from your phone or any web interface. Keep track of key metrics such as, weight, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, Sounds and others, while being able to control the hive remotely such as opening and closing of the hive and taking advantage of the built in machine learning. 

[1] Yaşar Erdoğan (2019) Comparison of colony performances of honeybee (Apis Mellifera L.) housed in hives made of different materials, Italian Journal of Animal Science, 18:1, 934-940, DOI: 10.1080/1828051X.2019.1604088



Custom Manufactured

Bee Hives with Monitoring

Laser Cutting
Green Fields

Our Mission:

  • Provide Maximum Efficacy against Varroa Destructor

  • Increase Honey Yields

  • Reduce Colony Collapse Disorder[2].


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